Second Paper


Subject: #14217 Poesía Inglesa desde el siglo XVIII 

Student’s Name: Primo Pacheco, Joaquín 

Title of the Paper: Que(e)rying Hopkins: A Diachronic Approach

Author or Topic: Gerard Manley Hopkins 




Abstract: As a follow-up to the First Paper of the course, the present essay aims to carry out an in-depth analysis of a selection of poems by Gerard Manley Hopkins from a homoerotic scope and a diachronic perspective. The Introduction to the paper delves further into this critical reading, including an overview on the academic debate among critics about the legitimacy of a queer interpretation of Hopkins’s poetry, as well as an extended biography, a chronological timeline and a selection of Hopkins’s prose works (namely his journal, letters and theological writings), highlighting important aspects which may contribute to a homoerotic reading of his poetry. The core section of the paper offers two possible interrelated directions in which to explore the study of the selected poems: either by subject or by individual poems. To sum up, the Conclusion to the paper gathers the full set of assumptions and relatively valid certainties (concerning the possible consideration of Hopkins as a “homosexual” poet) which may have resulted from the analysis.


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Auto-evaluation: 6


Academic year 2011/2012
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